A Gentle Introduction to Computer Science

A Gentle Introduction to Computer Science

18 May 2021

We've written this series on computer science basics for anyone to read, including beginners. Instead of going into every detail we try to maintain easy and concise reading, focused on building an intuitive grasp on basic concepts as well as an overview of how they come together in the real world.

Articles in this Series:

  1. Binary Numbers: A Gentle Introduction
  2. True or False? An Introduction to Boolean Algebra
  3. Variables and Data Types: How to Talk to Computers
  4. Getting Started with Python: A Minimal Set-up Guide
  5. Control Flow Basics: How to Write Computer Programs (using Python)
  6. Functions: How to Simplify, Reuse, and Expand your Code
  7. Code-Along: Use Basic Python to Simulate a Card Game


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